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our church ministry
in the wartime


Since the war started, our church has been helping the war-affected people and has turned its building into a temporary shelter.

We have hosted over 800 people in our church building and the homes of our church members. The main goal was to provide temporary shelter where people could rest from their trip, take a shower, wash their clothes, and plan their further route.           


We helped people get to the border by providing them with funds for transportation or personally driving them.

We collaborated with our partner churches in Europe and sent people by buses to shelters in Poland, the Czech Republic, and other countries.

We also evacuated refugees from the frontline regions.

In total, we evacuated approximately 750 people.          

Humanitarian Aid

Thanks to the support of Christians from abroad and our church family "Every Nation", we were able to send food, medications, and household goods to people living in the occupied territories.            

Not Alone

From the very beginning of the war, members of our church and other churches started assisting our military. We searched for ammunition, tactical medicine, and food supplies for the soldiers.

The participants of this team also provided moral and spiritual support and organized trips to visit the defenders to uplift their spirits.

In September, our church took full responsibility for this ministry and established the charity fund "Not Alone" (NENAODINCI). Currently, we provide food, medicine, and household goods to the civil people and supplies, tactical medicine, medications, and household items to the military.

We also have a project for rebuilding homes in the frontline areas.

If you wish to donate to the work of the fund, click [here].           

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