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FUSION Youth MinistrY

FUSION is a music ministry in the format of a rock-pop choir where teenagers come together to learn to play instruments, sing, and spend time together. The majority of the youth involved are in school or college.

What is the purpose of the ministry?

This ministry is unique in creating a safe environment for teenagers where they can develop and grow. The core of the Fusion team consists of young people aged 17-25.

At this season of life, young people contemplate their future more deeply and question commonly accepted rules.

So, the Fusion team stands by their side to share personal experiences, teach singing, playing musical instruments, and conducting, and, most importantly, be there for them.

How to join Fusion:

- Come on Thursday at 6:00 PM.
- Join us on social media:
Instagram, Telegram.

You can also message us through the christfellowship_bot Telegram bot.

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